Because of the fog Tbilisi international airport could not take a few flights

Из-за тумана тбилисский аэропорт не смог принять несколько рейсов

Tbilisi international airport due to heavy fog was unable to take several flights in on Saturday night, reports “Interfax”.

The Qatar Airways, Doha latencies, landed in Baku, the plane “Ukrainian airlines” – in Kutaisi, airlines, air Astana from Almaty to Aktau, the flight was cancelled.

It is also reported that the aircraft “Aeroflot”, carrying out flight Moscow-Tbilisi, landed in Mineralnye Vody. Was cancelled the flight Turkish Airlines Istanbul-Tbilisi, Tbilisi-Istanbul.

Earlier, the storm almost became a cause of the tragedy in the United States. When landing Boeing was unable to brake in time in heavy rain: gusty winds literally blew the aircraft wet runway. He stopped just 30 metres from the busy urban highway. On Board were 112 passengers and five crew members. By the Federal aviation administration of the USA, none of those on Board were not injured.