Beer will rise in price three times

Пиво подорожает в три раза

Scientists from Britain, China and the United States of America, came to the conclusion that the prices favorite intoxicating drink of millions of people over time will increase significantly.

Writes referring to the “news of the Crimea”.

Experts noted that this trend will be especially noticeable at the end of this century. The reason for rise in prices will be nothing like global warming. Dramatic climate change will lead to a decrease of the yield level of barley. The percentage production decrease, depending on the site will range from three to seventeen. If to speak directly about price increases, for example, Ireland they rise somewhere on one hundred ninety-three per cent. This situation will affect the decline in the popularity of the drink. So, under forecasts of experts, the Argentines will buy it for thirty-two percent less.

It should be noted that these projections clearly demonstrate the impact of climate change on the economic situation in the world.