Biologists told me how to “calculate” on the fingers of his unfaithful wife

Биологи подсказали, как "вычислить" по пальцам неверную жену

Biologists from Oxford found that women who have on the left hand index finger longer ring are more likely to change. The study was published in the journal Biology Letters.

According to researchers, a longer index finger and a shorter unmarked due to exposure to estrogen in utero. Estrogens – female sex hormones that have a feminizing effect on the body.

Participants of the study were 274 women. Scientists measured their finger lengths, and took DNA samples, women completed questionnaires on their relationship. It turned out that the more of them the index finger (the correlation length index and ring fingers), the more they are impulsive and less satisfied with the relationship. Lead author of the study, Alund pierce calls the results “intriguing,” she’d expect the opposite effect.

The researchers suggest that women with a high index finger due to the estrogen the more feminine, which is more popular among men. Knowing that they have other options, such women are more willing to go to the cheating partner, especially when problems in the relationship.

“If women are more feminine figure, it increases its value on the “marriage market”, which can lead to dissatisfaction with current relationships and impulsive sex outside the relationship and find other partners,” the researchers write.

The researchers studied men and the index finger, however, had no relationship to self-organization. Did not affect her index finger at the women on the right hand.