BMW revealed the secrets of the new sports M8

BMW раскрыла секреты новой спортивной M8

Recently showed us a completely new M850i Coupe and cabriolet Convertible. Now the Bavarians have decided that it’s time to reveal the first secrets new.

declares that the model is almost ready for serial production, and even showed camouflage photo novelties, confirming that the model will be more powerful than.

According to the company, will use a high-revving V8 engine with twin turbo, which on this version will be able to develop 591 horsepower.

In addition, will also be equipped with all-wheel drive system and a unique suspension that will provide “exceptional stability in cornering, steering precision and dynamic cornering”.

Finally, States that will increase the body rigidity and chassis, the car will get an even distribution of weight on axes and optimal wheelbase. To sports car will also use lightweight design elements to reduce weight and center of gravity will be even lower than the M5.

BMW раскрыла секреты новой спортивной M8

BMW раскрыла секреты новой спортивной M8