Botulism: how not to miss the symptoms of a dangerous disease

Ботулизм: как не пропустить симптомы опасной болезни

Double vision, can’t swallow or stick out my tongue, hard to move muscles of the face, changing the tone of voice? All these are the first signs of the deadly disease – botulism.

Remember them, because they will help not to confuse this disease with normal poisoning, not to lose precious time on the introduction of the serum, reports

When the wand enters the body, in the first night it affects the muscles, and along with them, and paralyzes the respiratory tract. In the top risky food – raw fish in sushi and dried. Contaminated product may have the whole family, but ill be the only one who gets a bunch of poison. How not to bite deadly?

“If you caught fish in the river, in the first days it is necessary to prepare. That is, it should not lie. The fish should be well washed to the gut, this ensures safety. And then a very good proselyte”, – says head of Department surveillance, laboratory centre Sergey Timoshenko.