Breakdancing rocks Paris

Photo: Lucas Barioulet Agence France-Presse
The atmosphere is good child. Only a few whistles come together to challenge one or both panel decisions.

Four thousand people in a room in paris where dancers writhe in all directions with agility and impressive : the breakdancing, the probable future olympic discipline, was successful Saturday evening its operation seduction in the French capital in five years of the olympic Games in Paris.

“Kiffez !” launches into a big smile Stéphane Sabotinov, dressed all in black-and-white, cap on the head, before entering on the track, which hosted 120 dancers among the best in the world.

The dancer said he was very proud of his art, “future olympic sport” in 2024 in Paris, after the announcement made two days ago by the organizers, which has yet to be finally validated by the international olympic Committee in December 2020.

“Breakdancing is impressive. The next battle, we are going to clash, but in the respect, “he explains, before adding that he hopes that the transition to OJ will delete” bad pictures “. “It comes from the street, so it is associated with violence. And as it has a cap, necessarily, one is a offender. But it is just the opposite. We put all our aggression in the dance “.


The Seine music, an auditorium recently inaugurated in the West of paris, the atmosphere is rather family. Many parents accompany their children, of all ages, not just teens. And the wearing of the tracksuit is not the dress code of the evening.

Deborah Lumbo is coming with her 9 year old daughter, Cassie. “This is the first time that comes to see the breakdancing. There is a friendly side, it’s not like the classical dance. I think that I will have full eyes. The boys are watching football at home, and we made a girls ‘night out !” said the manager in a bank, aged 29 years.

Passionate about dance, she and her daughter are also coming for the music.

“The DJ is very important, it is he who gives the tempo and rhythm compared to the dancers. About 80% of the DJ are ex-dancers “, reveals Zoubir, creator of this competition called Battle Pro 19 years ago.

The music is at the bottom and shake the stands. Use caution to a family father : he put plugs in the ears of his two little girls before the start of the show.

The atmosphere is good child. Only a few whistles come together to challenge one or both panel decisions.

Saturday night, the Battle Pro was devoted to the team event. That men on the scene. The girls have not managed to qualify.

Guest of mark, Brahim Zaibat enjoy the show. The very popular star of the dance is coming to encourage their friends and share good times, ” quiet “.

“Here, this is the highest level of hip-hop,” stresses Brahim Zaibat, who has participated three times at the Battle Pro and practice the art of breakdancing for the past 25 years.

“I discovered breakdancing in my neighborhood in Lyon. There was football and dance, and I ended up choosing the dance ! ” says the Frenchman who has danced with Madonna and waving timidly to the entrance of the breakdance at the olympic Games.

“It is well for the dancers, it is an evolution. But it is necessary to see how it will happen, how it will be judged. We expect to see, ” he concludes.


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