British scientists have learned how to remove the bad memories from the memory

Британские ученые научились удалять плохие воспоминания из памяти

Scientists from the UK has developed an innovative impact on the brain, which allows you to rid people of bad memories.

According to experts, they have created technology of Total Recall allows you to replace painful memories of people on happier moments of life.

Pleasant memories come from the memory of man. In other words, if your set of memories consists entirely of negative events, the modern technology will not help you.

What is the principle of fantastic technology, invented at Oxford University? Presumably the method is based on the use of special equipment that affect brain waves.

Apparently, specialists use neurostimulation to influence our brain that allows us to achieve the feeling of “pleasant memories”.

It is unknown what results can be achieved using the technology of Total Recall, but its authors say that this method can be used to treat post-traumatic stress disorders as well as depression.

According to study author Lori Pycroft, using this method you can remove bad memories that cause stress and depression, as well as to improve them, says MedicalXpress.