By-election: Singh launches and is committed to Burnaby

Élection partielle: Singh se lance et s'engage envers Burnaby

Photo: Darryl Dyck, The canadian Press
Jagmeet Singh has been elected head of the New democratic Party has ten months.

The leader of the NDP, Jagmeet Singh, has confirmed that he will try to get elected in the by-election in Burnaby South, British Columbia, to finally access the House of commons. And to prove the gossips that he will not be parachuted in from toronto, he agrees to move there with his family and compete in this constituency in subsequent elections.

Mr. Singh was elected leader of the NDP has ten months. There have been seven by-elections since that time, including one right next to his hometown of Brampton, but he always missed the opportunity to participate, preferring to continue to criss-cross the country to go to the meeting of the electors. It must be said that none of the districts in the game had spent néodémocrate, except maybe Chicoutimi–Le Fjord, swallowed by the orange wave of 2011.

Things are different this time. The néodémocrate Kennedy Stewart will be leaving shortly its headquarters to Burnaby South to try her luck at the city hall of Vancouver. The seat has a long tradition néodémocrate, having been owned by Svend Robinson, and even Tommy Douglas, the first leader of the training. However, the margins of victory have tended to be very thin since the departure of Mr. Robinson. Mr. Stewart has earned in 2015, with just 547-vote majority.

Mr Singh said that” absolutely “, he will remain leader even if he loses the election. And if he is elected, it will remain there also for the general election of 2019. “I am committed to this district and I am committed until the end. “

According to the former national director of the NDP’s Karl Belanger, ” there was pressure on Mr Singh to come along.” The departure of Thomas Mulcair will result in a by-election in Outremont, the NDP is unlikely to keep. “There will be two seats new democrats that will be in game shortly, and the party cannot afford to lose both,” he explains. According to him, the arrival of Mr. Singh to the House of commons will give it the opportunity to give a reply to the prime minister Justin Trudeau and get more visibility. “This is a chance to get the party back on track. “