CAE is investing $ 1 billion in innovation

CAE investit 1 milliard dans l’innovation

Photo: Graham Hughes The canadian Press
The prime ministers, Justin Trudeau and Philippe Couillard have visited a flight simulator of CAE on Wednesday.

With the help of Quebec and Ottawa, the manufacturer CAE has announced Wednesday a total investment of one billion dollars over five years in various innovation projects related to the digital intelligence, aviation, defence, security, and health care.

The president and chief executive officer of CAE Marc Parent, pointed out that it was” one of the largest investments in innovation in the history of CAE “. “In the framework of the investment that we announced today, we are going to develop a campus of innovation right here in our offices in Montreal, laboratories, state of the art, areas of collaboration, where we will be able to develop our future technology advances,” pointed with pride, Mr. Parent.

And the project starts now and for five years, he stressed, during a press conference, alongside prime ministers of Canada, Justin Trudeau, and Quebec, Philippe Couillard, mayor of Montréal, Valérie Plant.

Prime minister Trudeau has stated that the federal government will contribute $ 150 million to the strategic investment Fund. It must help to ” develop and integrate digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality in a wide variety of sectors, including healthcare, aviation and security systems “, he stressed. For his part, the prime minister Couillard said that Quebec’s contribution will rise to 47.5 million. The whole process must allow for the creation of 335 jobs. For Mr. Couillard, it is downright a” pride day ” for all of Québec.

“To carry out this project, 18 sites of CAE in Canada from one ocean to the other will bring the hand to the dough, but the vast majority of the work will be done here in Montreal. Our employees will be working in close collaboration with 50 universities and research centers, ” noted Mr. Parent. Similarly, ” 150 small-and medium-sized enterprises across Canada are qualified and will be able to add to our 1000 canadian suppliers “, he took the trouble to add.

This on-the-spot, Renaud Gagné, quebec director of the union Uniforms, affiliated with the FTQ, which represents the 475 unionized CAE and other companies in the sector, welcomed the announcement. “This is excellent news. With us, it has come to guarantee our future. It secures [employment], but it will certainly come and add a few jobs in manufacturing in five years, ” he said.

“There is the whole question of training and of research and development. It is a lot of jobs and it is a big one for Montreal, the economy of Montreal and of Quebec “, said Mr. Gagné. Moreover, the collective agreement has just be renewed in CAE.