Calendar RSBK 2019: optimistic scenario

Календарь RSBK 2019: оптимистичный сценарий

Presents calendar of the championship, some of them are for racing: it expands up to 7 stages, included all available tracks, even not quite ready for the races.

RACING.RU, 8 December 2018 – Here is a preliminary calendar was presented by the organiser of the season in 2019:

Phase 1 may 12 – “NRING” (Nizhny Novgorod region)

2 stage 2 June – “KZNRING” (Republic of Tatarstan)

3 stage June 16 – “ADM Raceway” (Moscow region)

Stage 4 June 30 – “NRING” (Nizhny Novgorod region)

Stage 5 July 21 – the “Moscow Raceway” (Moscow region)

Stage 6 August 25 – “Igora Drive” (Leningrad oblast)

7 stage September 22 – “the Fortress of Grozny” (the Chechen Republic)

At the NRing, Kazan and Moscow Raceway – no questions asked. At the ADM Raceway, Igor and terrible too many of them.

ADM Raceway (Myachkovo) was officially completed and submitted in the summer of 2018, but to hold it the race in the WWE he refused (did not homologically updated the track, for safety reasons).

“The fortress of Grozny” (Grozny, CHR) provides a unique opportunity to use the weather conditions of the country in the mid and late fall to extend the season, but this track was the issues related to security in some corners.

Finally, the circuit “Igora Drive” near St. Petersburg is not yet completed, not commissioned and therefore not homologated, as a whole it hasn’t been seen before.

In any case, everyone already ate NRing&8242;th, and I want to change…