Camera iPhone XS is recognized as the best mobile camera in 2018

Камера iPhone XS признана лучшей мобильной камерой 2018 года

The iPhone camera XS was recognized as the best mobile camera in 2018, according to the website Digital Photography Review, owned by Amazon. Flagship smartphone Apple surpassed by the quality of the pictures even Google Pixel the third generation, which many experts have recognized the reference mobile device for still photography available on the market at the moment. The jury appreciated the photographic capabilities of the flagship, and the improvement compared to the iPhone X.

The iPhone camera is different XS and nesluchilos lightning fast auto focus and almost perfect portrait shooting mode, which simulates real bokeh effect. But perhaps the most exciting innovation of the smartphone, according to experts, Digital Photography Review is the Smart HDR function that uses performance hardware iPhone XS and with its wide dynamic range makes great pictures.

What the iPhone camera XS is better than iPhone X

Many it commentators agree that the camera quality on the iPhone camera XS has really grown compared to the iPhone X. this is best manifested when shooting portrait photos, which are performed by the flagship of the current generation look even more natural in direct comparison with last year, and photographs taken with active Smart HDR that enhances the richness and naturalness of the frame.

Night mode for Google

Google Pixel 3, which, though not able to become the undisputed leader, has a number of functional features that are not available iPhone XS. The main feature that distinguishes the brainchild of Google from the flagship Apple smartphone is “smart” night mode. Thanks to him, photos taken in dark time of day, turn out to be so light and silent that create the impression of shooting on a professional camera with a large sensor and advanced features.

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Камера iPhone XS признана лучшей мобильной камерой 2018 года

Камера iPhone XS признана лучшей мобильной камерой 2018 года