Can Weighted Stuffed Animals Help Kids With ADHD?

Plush toys are one of a kid’s first greatest mates. They’re cute and fluffy — and lately, it’s discovered that some plushies might assist children with ADHD and anxiousness issues — weighted stuffed animals (that weigh round 2 lbs to five lbs).

Who would’ve recognized that these cute stuffed animals can try this?

How Weighted Stuffed Animals Might Help Your Little one

Seeing a baby endure from a learning disability or anxiousness dysfunction isn’t simple. Fortunately, weighted stuffed animals have been recognized to assist some kiddos with their issues.


ADHD makes children and adults really feel anxious and uneasy more often than not — in a single journal, it’s discovered that about half of the individuals (not simply children) with ADHD have anxiousness issues. In line with the CDC (Heart for Illness Management and Prevention), virtually 10% of kids within the USA have ADHD.

Individuals with ADHD have decrease dopamine ranges than a median individual. To be able to really feel content material, relaxed, and to be “fine” total, a lot of these with ADHD incessantly search actions which might be generally dangerous to them; that is said to be the rationale why ADHD victims search harmful ranges of thrill and why they’re hyperactive more often than not.

When an individual with ADHD doesn’t get their dopamine repair, they’ll get annoyed and agitated. In case your child is one to snap randomly, it could be the ADHD speaking — weighted stuffed animals may also help you flip your kiddo into an angelic being once more. Different weighted objects which might be utilized in Deep Pressure Therapy also can assist your baby concentrate on their environment and supply them a greater high quality sleep.


Anxiousness Issues oftentimes go unnoticed in youngsters. We generally suppose that it’s simply that the child is shy or that they’re apprehensive concerning the new surroundings they’re in — however generally it may be an undiagnosed Anxiousness Dysfunction. Within the CDC’s census, about 9.2% or 5.6 million children endure from anxiousness issues.

Many that suffer from anxiousness discover problem in making a protected area for themselves. They usually search safety in (what some would suppose) irrational methods. From the skin perspective, individuals solely see that they’re being unreasonable — as generally, they nonetheless don’t really feel safe even in their very own properties.

Weighted stuffed animals can present a way of safety for kids who can’t discover their protected haven or the person who they’re comfy with. These weighted stuffed animals can soothe a baby by calming their central nervous system that’s on overdrive — weighted stuffed animals are additionally much less cumbersome in comparison with a weighted stuffed blanket; this could forestall the sensation of suffocation that a lot of these with anxiousness really feel once they’re in “panic mode.”

Different Calming Aids

In certainly one of The Nationwide Heart for Biotechnology Data’s journals, it’s acknowledged that “Sensory over-responsivity in ADHD is associated with anxiety. These children have a higher level of anxiety than those ADHD children without sensory overresponsivity and non-ADHD children.” Thus, it’s necessary youngsters with ADHD and anxiousness get to have sensory-soothing aids.

Listed here are a couple of others.

  • Sensory swing
  • Sensory socks
  • Sensory tunnels
  • Noise-canceling ear muffs
  • Weighted blankets
  • Stress balls


ADHD and Anxiousness Issues in youngsters are lastly being acknowledged. There are actually a number of research that may assist dad and mom perceive that their youngsters aren’t simply being “difficult.” As such, many sensory aids are actually rising available in the market to assist their dad and mom calm their kiddos — like weighted stuffed animals and different calming merchandise. Nonetheless, these soothing merchandise usually are not magical “cures” for these issues. It’s at all times higher to have your child frequently seen by their therapist.

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