Capsule with materials experiments to the ISS landed in the Pacific ocean

Капсула с материалами опытов с МКС приземлилась в Тихом океане

Japanese capsule materials experiments to the ISS landed in the Pacific ocean. Informs the Japanese aerospace exploration Agency (JAXA).

To the place of landing near the Japanese coral Islands Minami-Torishima, sent a special vessel with the experts of JAXA.

Reset capsule with the space truck “Konotori-7” (“Stork-7”) occurred at an altitude of about 300 km above the Earth.

Very spostiamo device has the shape of a cone with a truncated Top, its dimensions are 84 by 66 cm and a weight of 180 kg. Inside the capsule are protein crystals created on the ISS, and other materials experiments. The design of the capsule allows it to withstand overload during entry into the atmosphere and temperatures up to 2000 degrees Celsius, while maintaining a constant temperature within 4 degrees.

Previously, “Konotori-7” delivered to the ISS about six tons of various cargoes. From the station the ship undocked on 8 November, taking with them debris and capsule materials testing.