Cash loan – urgent loan without any hassle

Кредит Касса - срочные микрозаймы без хлопот

To take a short-term loan at fair conditions – no problem. Credit cash works for you. A licensed company that provides loans, offering large sums under the discreet interest. Fast service and a high level of security will make your cooperation with IFIs pleasant.

Amount, interest and terms

Microcredit institution has developed interesting conditions of the loan for regular borrowers, and for beginners. During the first call, you can count on the sum from 400 to 10 000. The fee for using a credit purely symbolic – only 0.01%. Ie if you take, for example, 3 000 to 14 days, you will need to return all 3 004,2 UAH.

Subject to the timely and full repayment of the loan, you can count on the amount above 10 thousand hryvnia. However, the Commission for the use of borrowed funds will be higher and will amount to 2% per day of the amount of the loan. Ie if you borrow 1 000 UAH, every day use of funds will cost you 20 UAH.

Daily interest rate is the only Board of the MFI. No incomprehensible payments, insurance, down payments and so on.

Apply for a loan on the website

Persons that may become borrowers Credit cash

The company cooperates only with adult borrowers. Clients of microfinance institutions can become pensioners under the age of 60 years. Subject to the availability of work.

Borrowers of MFIs is a person with both official and informal employment. The company gives money even to individuals with not very good credit history. Importantly, the presence of permanent labor income.

You have credits in other banks? Loan cash all the same will give you a loan. You have not closed a loan in the Loan cash and you want to take another one? It’s impossible. First, pay the previous loan.

The documents that are needed for execution of the contract

A short list of documents: Ukrainian passport and identification code. A certificate which confirms your solvency, do not need. The help of a guarantor you are also not useful as collateral.

5 steps to get loan

  1. The questionnaire-application (will take 5 minutes).
  2. Call the employee MFIs.
  3. The provision of copies of documents and cards you want to get a loan.
  4. Pending the decision of the Bank (maximum 3 minutes).
  5. If the MFI has given an approval, money immediately “fall” on your map.

The first treatment procedure will take about 8 minutes. The repeated maximum of 3 minutes.

A micro-Finance company provides services on the basis of certificate 1K No. 116. Cash loan – borrow money at interest without risk and discomfort!