Change of owners “Rostdorstroy” – behind the scenes?

Смена собственников "Ростдорстроя" - что за кулисами?

Recent change of owners in the road construction company “Rostdorstroy” suddenly attracted the attention of different kinds of experts, business representatives and local elites. This was already actively writing to media even in Kiev, experts have noticed that it would seem, what’s the exclusivity of the situation of “Rostdorstroy” if similar events occur quite often in many companies?

A parade of conspiracy theories is striking in its diversity and fantastic speculation: low rates, departing from justice to the fictitiousness of the transaction. Indeed, a number of experts on the transaction amount was a bit low. But first, the real amount under the terms of the contract were not disclosed, and secondly, the company was sold at a price that is higher than the market value of fixed assets, but cheaper than its evaluated on financial performance and perhaps lower than was expected by the shareholders.

You have to understand that any business is estimated at the amount ready to pay for it in a given place and time. Besides, note that not always exclusively economic interest is the basis of our actions.

We can’t ignore the current difficult, to put it mildly, the economic situation in Ukraine. As events will develop further, especially in conditions of political instability ahead of the two election campaigns – presidential and parliamentary – is also unknown. Moreover, we cannot ignore that today Ukraine is a country at war, on the territory where there are real military action. All understand it and the former owners of “Rostdorstroy” beetles and Ratkevich, which, incidentally, has long entered the arena of the business world. Therefore, considering the above aggravating circumstances, a 3-percent asset, but it is so much occupied “Rostdorstroy” of the total portfolio assets (“Interfinance”), ceased to be interesting.

Besides, remember the negative media background, which was accompanied by “Rostdorstroy”. Attempts by company representatives to explain that the investigation NABOO were conducted for officials of the Odessa city administration, and that “Rostdorstroy” was never linked to Trukhanov and employees is not hindered, but rather helped the NEB to understand the situation – will have no effect on the vector of public opinion regarding the “Rostdorstroy”. That, of course, of course.

The dominance of outdated stereotypes entails an inviolable social position – that to make money the honest way in our country it is impossible that only the proximity to power and friendship with the “strong” of this world guarantees the promotion and growth. In General, there is not even a matter of who and what is the ultimate goal inspired numerous speculations, the important thing is that the company suffered significant reputational loss.

The situation as a joke – “a spoon was found, but the precipitate remained”. So, it is not excluded that it became the catalyst for the change of the founders of the “Rostdorstroy”. And anyway, it’s only a matter owners, both former and current.