Cherepahoobraznoy “Halloween-asteroid” closer to the Ground

Черепообразный «Хэллоуин-астероид» приближается к Земле

The terrifying asteroid 2015 TB145, dubbed the “comet of death”, will approach the Earth on 11 November, according

Celestial body does not pose a threat to earthlings, as it will be held on the removal of 38 million kilometers. Scaring can only be his view: the object appears as an enormous human skull, that’s why it got another name – “Halloween-the asteroid”.

However, this is the case when the form meets the content. According to experts NASA, the asteroid is a dead comet. The fact is that, time and again, approaching the Sun, the comet loses any part of the mass, as the frozen gases and ice evaporate. As a result, it is gradually becoming tailless. That’s what happened with the cosmic “skull”.

Scientists have carefully looked into this apocalyptic view of the object in 2015, when the asteroid flew at a distance of only half a million kilometers from Earth. At the same time managed to make a few frightening “portrait”.

According to the calculations of astrophysicists, 2015 TB145 object will approach the Earth not earlier than the year 2082.

Previously, scientists from Harvard University suggested that the asteroid Omoloi, the first interstellar object in the Solar system, could be the alien ship. This statement was based on the unnatural behavior of the object away from the Sun, he has not slowed down as had to happen, but rather picked up speed. Experts have suggested that it can be managed by artificial engine.