China has launched a probe to the back side of the moon seeds and potatoes

Китай запустил зонд на обратную сторону Луны с семенами и картофелем

On Board the probe Chang’e-4, China has sent to the moon, the potatoes and seeds for carrying out the biological experiment, “the lunar mini-biosphere”. Also, the device will have to study the landscape and lunar soil.

China on the morning of 8 December launched a probe Chang’e-4, it needs to land on the moon, which is not visible from the Ground. This was reported by the Agency Xinhua.

For planting the device chose the lunar crater Pocket, which, as expected, has great potential for research. The probe will transmit signals to Earth via satellite relay, which China launched in may.

The researchers expect that the probe will help to better understand the “dark” side of the moon, passing information about the landscape and the components of lunar soil and other scientific data. The mission will also be held three scientific and technical experiment developed by Chinese universities.

On Board the probe to the moon has sent potatoes and seeds for carrying out the biological experiment, “the lunar mini-biosphere”, notes the Agency. With the help of scientists want to study the characteristics of respiration of the seed and of photosynthesis on the moon.

Plants with water, air and nutrient solution were placed in a small cylinder and the unit will attempt to maintain the conditions necessary for their growth, and special equipment is a must to capture and send pictures to the Earth.