Chip and Dale rescue Rangers: the US Navy is going to send the black sea region

Чип и Дейл спешат на помощь: флот США собираются направить в Черноморье

“Our 6th fleet is always ready to respond when his name is” – was made by the representative of the Navy, Kyle Raines, a statement worthy of the most notorious superheroes.

By the way, Kyle did not specify to whom exactly the U.S. is going to help Ukraine, in violation of other people’s borders, or Russia capable of defending its waters independently (as shown earlier).

Moreover, Russia has offered the U.S. Senator, who put forward the idea to send ships to the black sea, to engage better with the environment in his native Wyoming. Translating from the diplomatic to the Russian it sounds so: “no you will understand.”

Earlier it was reported that America intends to solve the issue around the Kerch incident strictly diplomatically. To paraphrase a famous saying, the 6th fleet and diplomacy can achieve more.

But is it really more? Russia is skeptical of the fleet is not afraid to push pointless, its borders will protect.