Christie’s will auction the masterpieces of Aivazovsky and Repin

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Elena Andreeva


Aivazovsky, Repin and the rabbit with a secret. In Moscow has opened pre-auction exhibition Christie’s . It presents selected lots of the upcoming auction of Russian art, reports channel “MIR 24”.

Family album daughters of Nicholas I Grand Duchess Olga. A rarity of 15 and 13 photos watercolor portraits of Vladimir Gau was first announced for sale. The starting price of 80 thousand pounds. The most expensive painting at auction – “Sunset in Venice” by Ivan Aivazovsky. It was estimated at 600 thousand pounds sterling. For the current auction the painting came from the collection of the American businessman.

“The exhibits from private collections. For example, we have two portraits of France, Aivazovsky found in the South of France. People collected Russian art around the world. The only problem is you never know where you find these things,” – said the head of the International Department of Russian art Christie’s Alex Tiesenhausen.

The exhibition of steel products “Faberge” and a silver jug in the shape of a rabbit. Only at Christie’s auction in London will feature almost 270 lots. Russian auction will be held on November 26.