Collective memories and history in motion on the stage dancing

Mémoires collectives et histoire en mouvement sur la scène danse

Photo: Jean-Louis Fernandez
“Xenos”, a solo tribute to the great forgotten of the history of the First world War.

They focus on episodes for a long time relegated to the margins of history, or that they are investigating the symbolic figures in the myths and the collective memory of their people, this winter season, four choreographers abordentles themes of the historic heritage and of the cultural filiation.

Known for its great frescoes dreamlike and his designs amazing, Dimitris Papaioannou, in The Great Tamer, exhumes the body archetypal of the history and myths of the Greek civilization to connect them to current events. This is a first coming of the choreographer and visual artist acclaimed on the european stages, we looked forward to.


Mémoires collectives et histoire en mouvement sur la scène danse

Photo: Julian Mommert
“The Great Tamer exhume the body and myths of the Greek civilization to connect them to current events.

After the explosive Until the Lions, seen in 2017 at La Tohu with Dance Dance, where he was to get out of the shadow of the female characters in the Mahabharat, Akram Khan reflects on the fate of the indian soldiers recruited by the british Empire in 1914-1918. Xenos is a solo in tribute to these forgotten greats in the history of the First world War.

This will also be the last chance to see the electrifying dancer of anglo-bengali performer on stage before his retirement announced.

Presented last June at the FTA, Windigo of Lara Kramer refers to a creature of the demon from the amerindian mythology. Created from a documentary process conducted by the artist oji-cree in the reserve, where his grandmother lived in the north of the province of Ontario, this performance featuring Peter James and Jassem Hindi reads as an allegory of the colonial history and its scars on the indigenous peoples.

Like the Italian Alessandro Sciarroni, which transposed already the schuhplattler in a contemporary, Simon Mayer proposes a dive hosea and shifted in the folklore dancing of the Tyrol. In Sounds of Sissy, the young choreographer austrian trained in De Keersmaeker’s work deals, not without a touch of humour, a sense of belonging to a nation and to its traditions.

Visions committed to the future

The influence of advances in technology and the Web on our behaviour and our interactions thread in the parts Phenomena ofIsmaël Mouaraki and Two skeletons of Priscilla Guy and Sébastien Provencher.

It’s the same in Ode to Attempt by Jan Martens, a self-portrait connected and scalable, the artist who ventures into a game without a net, hurling themselves each evening of new challenges on the stage.

Mémoires collectives et histoire en mouvement sur la scène danse

Photo: Émilie Morin

On the side Tangent, in several proposals of emerging artists — Amélie Rajotte, Bailey, Eng, Alexandre Morin and Leticia Vera — there is a recurrence relation of the human to nature and to the animal and plant kingdoms. Should it be read as an invitation to réenvisager our relationship with the living so that an ecological transition is dangerously wait ?

The thinking queer live performance WorkingOn WorkingOnUsofIndefinable Folks — a collective from toronto that raises the issue of power relations between the choreographed bodies and of bodies, choreographing — and The studies (Héréries 1-7)ofAntonija Livingstone and Nadia Lauro, a project that is unclassifiable is defined as a symposium.

Two tandems essential

Mémoires collectives et histoire en mouvement sur la scène danse

Worn by the saxo sensual of John Coltrane, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Salva Sanchis are the second version of A Love Supreme, part established in 2005 and recalibrated for a quartet of men. A write to the musicality and rigorous minimalism sophisticated who dares to indulge in improvisation.

After the lightning Betroffenheit, seen at the FTA in June of last year, the Grand Prize winner of the dance Crystal Piteand Jonathon Young to come back with Revisor, a new piece of dance-theatre that draws its choreography from the word of great performers.


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