Competitor to Netflix: Disney launches its streaming service

Конкурент для Netflix: Disney запускает свой стриминговый сервис

One of the largest and most successful film studios of Walt Disney plans to broaden the audience. The company will have its own Internet platform, which the creators have even worked together on several projects.

So, about the details of the project, Disney CEO Bob iger said during the communication with investors. The service called Disney and will include projects not only Disney, but also companies such as Pixar and Marvel, the Star Wars franchise and educational content from National Geographic.

In addition, Bob noted that due to the recent acquisition of 21st Century Fox, Disney will also control 60 percent of the service Hulu, and use the assets of the group Fox in the formation of his line of content.

The creators will add to your service many archival projects, including movies, TV shows and other content that is intended for Disney fans. In addition, the company will be placed on the platform is still unknown tape.

So, Disney+ will be available to new stories about the world of “Monsters” and “High School Musical”. as well as other content on the Disney Channel. There will be a new episode of the universe of “Star wars” that Lucasfilms is planning to release next year. To the output of the service, the company will also prepare a series about the God Loki and the cartoon “monsters, Inc.” and many other paintings.

Learn more about the upcoming service promised to tell in April of next year.