COVID-19 Vaccine Shot for Kids Ages 5 to 11: Why is the Needle Shorter, Dosage less? An Expert Gives us Answers

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COVID-19 Vaccine Shot for Kids Ages 5 to 11: Why is the Needle Shorter, Dosage much less? An Expert Gives us Answers
As dad and mom begin to vaccinate their elementary school-age kids or think about the choice to vaccinate their 5 to 11-year-old little one, we chatted with an knowledgeable on a number of COVID-19 vaccine questions which might be being requested now that the shot for this age is authorised.

Dr. Lahita ’Dr. Bob’ is Director of the Institute for Autoimmune and Rheumatic Illness at Saint Joseph Well being in Paterson, NJ. Dr. Bob is an knowledgeable on Covid and vaccines and is consulted always by media throughout the globe.

Psst… take a look at CDC Recommends Kids Ages 5-11 to Obtain the COVID-19 Vaccine: Right here is What NYC Dad and mom Want to Know [1]

Why is the needle shorter than the common needle for the grownup COVID-19 vaccine?

Kids don’t have as a lot muscle bulk as adults do. Little folks, little needles!

The dosage for this vaccine is not the actual dosage? What is the dosage, and why?
It’s ten micrograms, which is 1/3 of the 30 microgram dose given to adults. For youths ages 5-11, the dose is smaller as a result of this age group has a really doubtless probability to elevate a powerful immune response on much less antigen. Kids are smaller and their immune methods are tremendous energetic! The antibody response and the mobile responses are going to be very sturdy in most youngsters.

Ought to a baby who shall be turning 12 soon- wait for the grownup dosage or obtain the 5 to 11 COVID-19 dosage?

They will do both possibility. The smaller needle is much more comfy, so I might suggest going forward and getting it now slightly than ready till they flip 12.

How does the vaccine work on the immune system?

These vaccines for youngsters work the identical as they do for adults. In the most simple phrases: After they get the shot, it is going to make the cells appear to be they have been contaminated with Covid – the immune system thinks you might have gotten an an infection, however in actuality, you haven’t.

In the mRNA (two pictures) vaccines, right here is the way it works: The messenger RNA is part of the virus – a useless particle. This particle is remoted from the virus, positioned right into a package deal like an M&M, injected into you thru your vaccine dose, after which your cells gulp it up. The middle of the M&M, aka the chocolate, is the RNA which is processed, after which made into proteins, which connect to the prime of the cell. These are the identical proteins the physique sees when it’s contaminated with the Covid-19 virus itself, so it creates antibodies for the virus.

Dad and mom don’t want to fear about the unintended effects as a result of this is completely anticipated and regular – there could also be tiredness, soreness of the arm, fever, and so on.

In the CDC panel on Tuesday, some (on the panel) talked about considerations about kids who’re thought-about overweight that the dosage maybe nonetheless wants testing. Is that this right? Ought to dad and mom be involved?
This is not a legitimate concern. This is not a weight-based drug. We’re presenting antigen to their systemic circulation, which is very restricted. The antigen is disseminated, and it has nothing to do with their weight. It’s about their age – they are often tall 9-year-olds, overweight 9-year-olds, it has nothing to do with dimension. Historically, youngsters are actually afraid of injections so once I refer to them as “little kids, little doses” it’s all about their age.


Robert G. Lahita MD, PhD [3] (“Dr. Bob”), Director of the Institute for Autoimmune and Rheumatic Illness at Saint Joseph Well being and creator of the upcoming ebook Immunity Robust [4]. 


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