Culprit with six dead in the Kuban was not right

У виновника ДТП с шестью погибшими на Кубани не было прав

Police Kuban installed the culprit with six dead. The driver of the car was 18-year-old local resident, who did not have rights to control vehicles, reports a press-service GU MVD of Russia in Krasnodar Krai.

According to preliminary data of the Ministry, the driver of the car lost control and crossed into oncoming traffic where allowed collision with the carriage “ambulance”.

Also, police have identified the two passengers of the car: 22-year-old local resident died in the crash, 11-year-old boy was hospitalized with injuries.

The accident happened on the 9th kilometer of the highway Ust-Labinsk – Labinsk – Persistent in the area of the village Nekrasov. A car collided with the ambulance.

The accident killed six people, including two children. Four more hospitalized.