“Dark Field Analysis”: warm-blooded

«Dark Field Analysis»: à sang chaud

Photo: Ben Mergelsberg
The atmosphere that happens to compose for the choreographer Dutch-Swedish and its illusionists, employees sometimes seems to hold the film’s copyright.

The coldness of an opening sentence — ” What are you thinking ? “, distended, mechanical, suraticulée, until the heat of a song deep. Human warm-blooded to the robot of the future, going by animal furies four-legged. Of the hearing panel who is watching, sitting on all four sides of the room, to the solitude of the viewer alone in front of the show. From red to green, from black to clear, the duo of Dark Field Analysis, the choreographer Jefta Van Dinther, offers a unique journey.

The atmosphere that happens to compose for the choreographer Dutch-Swedish and its illusionists, staff, Minna Tiikkainen to light, Cristina Nyffeler set design, David to the sound — sometimes seems to hold the film’s copyright, designed by a little brother in a twisted David Lynch or Cronenberg. Two men, completely naked, sitting on the ground on a green baize billiard, converse (in English only), their very voice amplified by microphones, headsets. By accumulating slowly, brilliantly music and lights, body in different states, but also singing — a tool so rarely used in contemporary dance ! — and then capsizing his universe from cold to hot in a weird ” scene red “, Jefta Van Dinther creates a mysterious drama of abstract, cerebral and delicate science-fiction. And to spark the viewer into a fascination in front of this universe of obsolete futuristic, a nostalgia of the future by blurring just enough to guide her reading

The markers are scrambled also when one seeks to establish filiations with other works. We think of Warmth, Stéphane Gladyszewski, more cerebral. It is said that if Laurie Anderson was two naked men, and was contemporary dance, and yes, it would be similar to that. One thing is certain, Mr. Van Dinther reveals in this piece a master of the stage and of the theatrical illusion, worn by two performers generous of concentration, accuracy (and precision of intensity) and sweat. We will say no more, to preserve this amazing room — and it is rare to be surprised — for those who want to try it.

Dark Field Analysis

By Jefta Van Dinther. With Juan Pablo Camara, and Roger Sala Reyner. Presented by the Festival TransAmériques, at the théâtre Prospero, until 27 may.