Day Paraskeva Nov 10: what not to do to women

День Параскевы Пятницы 10 ноября: что нельзя делать женщинам

Memory of the Holy Martyr Paraskeva (St. Paraskeva Pyatnitsa) is celebrated on 10 November. The icon of this Saint, along with images of the virgin, can be seen not only in many churches but in the homes of believers. The image is placed in the red corner, it is believed that Paraskeva keeps the peace and welfare of the family, brings home the happiness and wealth.

What you need to do on the Day of St. Paraskeva

November 10 believers go to Church and light candles before the icon of St. Paraskeva the Friday. Often in the Church, parishioners take collected this year’s fruits, to sanctify them and store until the next harvest.

And single girls, going to the service, woven into a braid red ribbon, then to hide it and to wear on a first date. It will help to protect yourself from evil people and to find a decent spouse.

If, however, the family often quarrel, the woman brings to the Church baked the bread, blesses it and, with a trifle gives the loaf to the poor.

Paraskeva Friday is a merciful Saint, however, it helps only those who do not sin and sincerely pray. Before asking for help from the Holy, not be amiss to repent.

What not to do 10 Nov

  • On this day, it is impossible to spin, but to sew. Before the girl the evening of November 10 was going for some work and talked. Believed that if you pray to the Saint for that day, then soon you will get married.
  • Who 10 Nov laughs a lot, will cry then. So thought it best not to have fun and keep a low profile.
  • It is impossible to wash the floors, otherwise that light will in the mud wallow.
  • Do not clean the chimney as a misfortune happens.
  • Pregnant women can not lend this day. It is believed that with the money you are transmitting into the wrong hands the destiny of the future baby.
  • You can’t bathe, wash my hair and dishes. Try this day less contact with water.