Death of Clement Ouimet: the coroner asks for security, without a clear recommendation

Mort de Clément Ouimet: le coroner plaide pour la sécurité, sans recommandation claire

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir
Friends of Clement Ouimet held a hiking silent on the mont-Royal a few days after the death of the young cyclist last October.

Jeanne Corriveau and

Amélie Daoust-Boisvert

June 19, 2018

  • Transport / Town Planning

Judging that “the most appropriate solution to ensure the safety of cyclists and pedestrians” near the track Camillien-Houde road on mount Royal, ” it is not easy to find “, the coroner in charge of the investigation on the death of Clement Ouimet, in October, did not decide on the solutions to put in place.

In a report of five pages, made public Monday, the coroner, Jean Brochu confirms that the driver of an SUV struck the young cyclist, who was wearing his helmet, after he ” suddenly decided to perform a U-turn in the “.

“The cyclist that was behind has not had time to brake and slow down his race to a significant extent “. “It’s unclear if the SUV driver has activated the flashing,” or “he saw the cyclist,” adds the coroner.


The coroner points to the difficulty of access to the belvedere of mount Royal, not far from the place of impact. It is impossible for a vehicle coming from the west to return in this direction, after a stop at the lookout point, without performing a half-turn, maneuver illegal. It is the same for a vehicle coming from the east that the driver wants to travel to belvedere.

Mort de Clément Ouimet: le coroner plaide pour la sécurité, sans recommandation claire

Access to the belvedere

“Would it be appropriate to redevelop the access to the belvedere ? “asked the coroner, without providing a definitive solution. If the access would be completely closed to vehicles, Dr. Brochu is proposing the establishment of a shuttle bus to transport visitors to the parc du Mont-Royal.

Administration Plant does not exclude the idea of limiting the access to the lookout for cyclists and pedestrians.

“Everything is considered at this stage. It is for this reason that we consult, ” explained Marianne Giguère, head of the active transportation committee to the executive committee. “Could we dedicate a shuttle that would go on parking lots at the top of the mountain up to the belvédère Camillien-Houde regularly and safely ? It is a path that can certainly be considered. “

At the present time, the belvedere is serviced at any time by buses of the STM. This service is also enhanced in the summer period.

A pilot project interrupting the traffic at the top of the mountain for a period of five months is in progress. “As we, the coroner finds that there is no simple solution. […] It is for this reason that there was a great consultation that is underway, ” said Ms. Giguere.

The opposition at City hall believes that, since his arrival in power, the administration of Valérie Plante has not made any concrete step to better protect cyclists on the mountain. The pilot project underway to prohibit through traffic on the way Camillien-Houde brings no solution to the concerns raised by the coroner, according to the leader of the opposition, Lionel Perez.

“This same kind of accident could take place once again on the same part of mont Royal,” he reported. “There is less traffic during the pilot project, but there is no measure which has been taken to improve the lot of cyclists on the part where they still shared the road with motorists. “