Death Stranding close to completion – the game progressed to the stage of polishing

Death Stranding близка к завершению - игра перешла на стадию полировки

Hideo kojima (Hideo Kojima) a few years teasing the audience with clips from Death Strandingand release date are still unknown. Perhaps the game will be released in the foreseeable future – according to the Japanese, it is close to completion.

News reports WCCF Tech with a link to the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun. Kojima said that in the summer in Death Stranding were all gameplay elements. Now the game is in the polishing stage. Kojima regularly takes his creation and offers certain improvements.

In 2016, kojima hinted at the timing of the release of Death Stranding: Olympic games in Tokyo (2020), to the period when the story of the manga “Akira” (2019). Until the end of 2018 Kojima Productions the game will not be released, but in 2019, there is hope – especially now, when it became clear that before the final version of the Stranding Death ‘s doorstep.

Maybe something new about the project, Kojima we’ll know in a month. On 7 December, The Game Awards will be held in 2018. The show’s producer Jeff keels (Geoff Keighley) is friends with Kojimaand Death of Stranding has already appeared at The Game Awards 2016 and 2017 The Game Awards. It is logical to assume that in 2018 the game will once again declare themselves on the same event.

The organisers of The Game Awards 2018 has already promised the largest collection of announcements of new games in the show’s history.