Diet is 90% your mood. It could be psychosis, and euphoria

Диета - это 90% вашего настроения. От нее может быть и психоз, и эйфория

Not losing weight one!

I think diets only to lose weight? New research suggests that diet can even improve mental health.

Dr. Chris Palmer, a psychiatrist from McLean Hospital in Belmont (USA) shares the results of his experiments, writes Psychology Today.

Two of her patients more than 8 years suffered from schizophrenic disorders. Traditional methods of treatment did not give any effects.

After the patients decided to go on a keto diet to lose some weight. But improved not only physical fitness, but mental health patients have gone schizophrenic signs

Interestingly, when people were returning to a normal diet – the symptoms of mental disorders reappear.

Keto-diet – ultramasculine meals (maximum of 20 grams. carbs per day), while the level of fat intake is high enough.

This diet is designed to reduce and stabilize the level of insulin that allows the body to more easily burn fat and to use less glucose for energy.

Doctor is convinced that drugs play an important role in human health, but the most powerful way to fight disease – changes in diet and lifestyle.

But you should always consult with your doctor!

What do you think, can the power to establish mental health?

Marta Oliynyk.