DNA analysis indicated migration routes of native Americans

Анализ ДНК указал на пути миграции коренных американцев

Modern technology once again opened the door to the past – a large-scale genetic analysis has allowed to establish, as settled by America’s first people.

Scientists sequenced the genomes of 15 of the ancient inhabitants of North and South America. Six of them were older than ten thousand years, according .

Among the specimens were the remains of the Parking lot with the Brazilian Lagoa Santa, the oldest skeletons from Patagonia and the oldest natural mummy of a man discovered in the Cave of spirits in Nevada.

The origin of these people has caused many disputes in the scientific community. The shape of their skulls differ markedly from the parameters of modern Americans. But DNA analysis has dispelled all doubt.

“Genetically they are closer to contemporary native Americans than to any other ancient or modern group, sekvenirovanie today,” said Professor Eske Willerslev from the University of Cambridge.

Cave spirits (Canada) and Lagoa Santa (Brazil) are at a very great distance from each other. The fact that people were genetically close, shows the ancient tribes, separated from their East Asian ancestors, with amazing speed mastered a vast territory.

Note that the mummy from the Cave of spirits is estimated at about 10 600 years. This is the man about forty years old. His body was not embalmed, but the natural conditions in the cave prevented the decomposition.

The mummy was covered in a blanket of rabbit skin, and cane mats, legs preserved moccasins.

Modern Indian tribe Paiute-Shoshone considers man as our ancestor. DNA analysis confirmed that it is indeed possible. After the research, the body was handed over to representatives of the tribe for burial, and “man cave” for the first time since 1940, when it was discovered by archaeologists, found peace.

Previously, scientists said that native Americans are descended from a small group of settlers, numbering only about 250 people. Subsequently, they were mixed with the new “migrants”, which helped to preserve genetic diversity.