Doubled in gold for Mikaël Kingsbury in Japan

Photo: Rick Bowmer Associated Press
Kingsbury training, at the beginning of the month

Twenty-four hours after winning the gold medal in the competition of the moguls world Cup freestyle skiing, Mikael Kingsbury has recurred on Sunday, this time to the test of dual moguls to Tazawako, Japan.

Under the terms of a duel spectacular in the grand final against the local favourite, Ikuma Horishima, Kingsbury has amassed 87,94 points while Horishima counted 86,63. The French Benjamin Cove was ranked third in front of Australia’s Matt Graham.

“I woke up this morning with Phil [Philip Marquis], and then I told him that I felt a bit like a Japanese today, that I was ready to give on the track to go look for the victory “, related as he was nicknamed, the King of the bumps.

While before worrying about his own performance, Kingusbury was aware that Horishima, in the other section of the table of the competition, was also a good day on skis.

From duel to duel, I felt better, I could be more and more big, faster and faster

— Mikaël Kingsbury

“From duel to duel, I felt better, I could be more and more big, faster and faster, and I knew that Ikuma was skiing super well, super-fast, especially as he is at home in front of his fans and he is always solid on this type of snow there. “

“And then made it to the final, arriving at the top of the race, I talked with my coaches, and we got to make a plan, a bit last minute, to run a “cork 1440” like I have done in simple. It seems that I have not had the time to think about it, that I was already left in the course. I landed the 1440 and then I tried to ski as quickly as I could, and I managed to cross the line before Ikuma. “

The season ends

Despite all the medals he has accumulated over the course of his career, Kingsbury seemed particularly pleased with his two victories of the end of the week. In passing, it has not failed to pay tribute to the talent and the personality of his rival in the final.

“It is sure that it feels good to win a doubled here in Japan, especially today in a duel. The fact that last year, I had finished second two times behind Ikuma, and [that] I had lost in the final against him, it is a bit of my redemption in him — as he went to get me a win in Tremblant. Ikuma is a good competitor, super talented on skis, but above all a great person outside also. It is always fun to compete against him and all the others. “

Among the other Canadians, Laurent Dumais has taken the ninth place, just ahead of Marquis including the course in the duel is stopped against his friend the American Bradley Wilson.

In women, Chloé Dufour-Lapointe took the fifth place of the competition at the end of his duel against Jakara Anthony. Her sister Justine has finished seventh defeat by the American Jaelin Kauf. It is the French Perrine Laffont, who has won the event.

Canadian skiers fly off now to Kazakhstan where another program to double is waiting to conclude the season on 2 and 3 march.


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