During the absence of Yanukovych in the zoo of Mezhyhirya had four ostrich

To the fourth anniversary of the departure of Viktor Yanukovych from Ukraine, the journalists visited a huge mansion “Park “Mezhyhiria” in the zoo which is still home to dozens of animals. It is reported by UNN.

In particular, in the Park there are three aviary with ostriches. They are representatives of three different species: African ostrich, American Rhea and the Australian EMU. Although ostriches are more like warm climate during the winter they carry quite easily.

“Although they are African, but born here. Therefore acclimatized normal. And in the houses they heat,” – said a member of staff who is caring for the animals.

According to him, their feathers a good insulator, and the timely and quality feeding only helps to keep you warm. In the territory of each enclosure built houses in which the birds are hiding from the rain, they feed and lay eggs.

However, according to the zoo employee, the offspring does not appear very active. “Eggs is a lot, but they are all “talkers” without offspring. In the summer there were about 30 eggs and none of them ostrich hatched,” says a zoo employee.

Low fecundity is associated with the age of the animals. As young males, and females too old offspring or does not appear, or is too weak.

“The egg, which appeared in April of this year, we were placed in the incubator. Didn’t know what it is. Eventually hatched, but the ostrich was so poor that he lived very long and died,” recalls the caretaker for the animals.

He says that during the absence of Viktor Yanukovych had been born at least four ostriches. One of them is the African ostrich Jora. The pet collective recently turned 4 years. “Zhora, there is still hope. He we have a strong. Anyway, waiting for spring. Maybe then things with Chicks will get better,” hopes the Park employee.

Video: facebook.com/UNNews