Election of Joëlle Boutin in Jean-Talon: a year-end gift

Following her election as MP for Jean-Talon in Quebec City, former plane pilot Joëlle Boutin landed in Parliament on Tuesday.
“Jo-It! Jo-It! Jo-it! “Chanted members of the caucus of the future Coalition Quebec (CAQ) at the entrance in the Salon rouge of their new colleague and 76 th MP caquiste, early afternoon Tuesday. M me Boutin it is presented together with the Prime Minister and party leader François Legault.

Allowing for a rare access to the media at this daily meeting of their deputation, the Caquists did not spare the cheers. “What a great way to end the year 2019! Thanks to you, Joëlle, I see 75 other people who have the energy to continue all year 2020 with you “, proclaimed a captain Legault triumphant in front of his team.

“It’s not thanks to me, it’s thanks to us!” Corrected the new MP, speaking to thank her new colleagues for all the efforts made during the campaign.

“For me, politics is a team sport,” said Ms. Boutin, in all humility, after receiving the accolade of several elected officials. Among them were Minister Éric Caire, of which she was the Chief of Staff, and Deputy Prime Minister Geneviève Guilbault, who, like herself, was a partial winner in Quebec City (Louis-Hébert) two years ago.

Mr. Legault also recalled the importance of “remaining humble”, a few minutes later, in the scrum of the press. “The people of Jean-Talon have trusted Joëlle and the CAQ [more than 43%]. It’s a sign of confidence in the decisions made over the last year. But it is very fragile, the confidence of the citizens. You have to win it every day and stay humble. And I will continue to repeat it to my ministers and my deputies, “he assured.

Joëlle Boutin will be sworn in the coming days, but should not sit in the Blue Room of the National Assembly before the return of parliamentary business in early February.

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On the opposition side, the three parties are healing their wounds. In addition to the Liberals (25%), who lost for the first time in 18 elections and 53 years of existence of this county, solidarity (17%) and PQ (9.3%) also suffered a decline compared to the votes cast. in the same place 14 months earlier, at the general election.

The interim leader of the Liberal Party believes that after losing this last red riding east of Montreal, the time has come to listen to the citizens. He said he was still convinced of the “excellent choice” of candidate, Gertrude Bourdon having “made a campaign without fault,” he said.

“We did not listen enough people. Clearly, this is one of the mistakes we made. Now, we have to listen to them and make sure they meet their needs, “says Pierre Arcand, adding that the way to” win back this vote “from Francophones is to propose” things that will help us in the regions “.

Third link

At Quebec solidaire, in addition to the participation of young people too weak, we regret not “to have managed to make the third link the issue of the urn in Jean-Talon. That’s what we tried to do and we did not succeed, “noted co-spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, pointing out that 43% for the CAQ is not” a consensus for the third link”.

As for the Parti Québécois, Pascal Bérubé had worn on Tuesday his tie offered by Régis Labeaume and embroidered with the boat of the coat of arms of the City of Quebec, the party he leads has taken more water than anything else on Monday.

“Quebeckers wanted to get rid of the Liberals for a long time and they saw that there was still one in Jean-Talon, so they did not take a chance! We knew it would be difficult for us, it was a by-election that we did not choose. Life goes on, “said Bérubé.

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