“Elections” in the occupied Donbass the SBU told what results is “painted” RF

«Выборы» на оккупированном Донбассе: в СБУ рассказали, какие результаты уже «нарисовала» РФ

The Russian authorities in advance, “painted” the results of the elections the leaders of the terrorist organizations DNR and LNR scheduled for November 11 in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. As the correspondent of LIGA.net about this at the briefing said the head of the security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Hrytsak.

According to operational information of SBU, Denis Pushilin (DND) “provide” 55% support Laniado Beekeeper (LC) – 63%, and turnout should be 70%.

Hrytsak said that the purpose of elections is to achieve visibility “legitimacy” seized by Russian invaders and their collaborators in the territories.

The head of the SBU stressed that Moscow never planned to include these areas in Russia, unlike the Crimea: their, according to him, want to return to the official Kyiv as Autonomous entities with a veto on the Euro-Atlantic choice of Ukraine.

Also, according to SBU, for pseudo-Fund “We are together” has listed 100 million rubles from the Russian budget. “Planned 50 million, but begged for more,” said Hrytsak.

37-year-old Pushilin, a native of Makeyevka, before the war in the Donbas worked in the network of the charlatan and the Creator of the financial pyramid MMM Sergei Mavrodi. On September 7, appointed by the occupiers, “the acting head of the DNR” – after the murder of the former leader Alexander Zakharchenko.

48-year-old beekeeper – a native of Lugansk, a former employee of the SBU, had the rank of Colonel. He betrayed the oath and came over to the side of the invaders. “The acting head LNR” November 25, 2017.