Elena Nikolaeva Natalia Nozdrina will play “the Lovers”

Елена Николаева и Наталья Ноздрина сыграют «Любовниц»

23 December on the Small stage of the theatre of Nations will premiere Svetlana Zemlyakova “Mistress” based on the novel of Nobel laureate Elfriede Jelinek. Staged by the actors of Elena Nikolaeva, Natalia Nozdrina, Artem Tulchinsky, Oleg Savtsov, Natalia pavlenkova, Leonid Timtsunik and Musya Totibadze, the press service of the theater.

The heroine of the play aspire to a better life. Brigid (Elena Nikolaeva) sew underwear factory in a big city, Paula (Natalia Nozdrina) was from the village and dreams of becoming a dressmaker. But it does not work can lead them to the cherished goal – your own cozy house. In their artless hosted the world little choice: get married or lose, being on the side of life. Men are winners already by birth. Women without them are worthless. Therefore, the only hope Brigid – Heinz (Artem Tulchinsky), and Paula relies on Erich (Oleg Savtsov). Youth and beauty in this game full of great competitors give absolute preference, pregnancy is a serious chance to win. Will this contest winners? Is it possible a quiet and measured life, received this price? And how in the pursuit of happiness not to lose yourself?

The Roman “Mistress”, published in 1975, drew public attention to the creativity Jelinek, the Austrian novelist, playwright, poetess and literary critic, one of the most famous contemporary writers of Europe. Jelinek is the author of many books, including collections of plays and in 2004 she was awarded the Nobel prize for literature c wording: “For the musical polyphony in the novels and dramas, which are peculiar only to her language a passion exposes the absurdity and the coercing power of social clichés.” The broad public work of Jelinek became known after the release of the film of Michael Haneke’s “the Pianist” filmed on the novel by writer and received three prizes at the Cannes film festival in 2001.

Elena Nikolaeva Natalia Nozdrina finished in 2006, the famous acting course at GITIS Professor Oleg Kudryashov. Directed by Svetlana Zemlyakova – teacher Workshop Kudryashov, winner of the “Golden Mask” for the play “Peter and Fevronia of Murom” in the nomination “Experiment”, the Director adopted in the repertoire of Theatre of a name of Mayakovsky the graduation performance “kudryashi” “V. O. L. K.,” the wizard’s prose works. Svetlana Zemlyakova taught directing and acting course, where she studied Elena Nikolaeva Natalia Nozdrina, and was the Director of the legendary graduation show “kudryashi” “Trojanki”. Now, several years later, Svetlana Zemlyakova is working again with his former students, now experienced Actresses.

Елена Николаева и Наталья Ноздрина сыграют «Любовниц»