Elon Musk spoke about Tesla correct pronunciation

Илон Маск рассказал о правильном произношении Tesla

The head of the American engineering company Tesla Elon Musk has revealed how to pronounce the name of automaker. Musk in an interview several times called his company “Tesla”, using the middle of a word the letter “z”.

Musk has shared information about the correct pronunciation of the word Tesla. The businessman notes that don’t always get hung up on the pronunciation of the words, pronouncing the name of the company through the letter “z”. During the conversation with the browser there is information that the name “Tesla” Mask purchased from a resident of Sacramento for $ 75,000. Elon Musk addressed his employee to argue about the price and in the end, after the auction, when stopped price, the former holder of the surrendered.

According to the journalists edition of Forbes, in 2003 the creators of Tesla was Thomas Eberhard and Max Tarpenning. In 2004, Elon Musk invested in Tesla your first money, thus saved the company, because of the financial crisis, the firm has ceased to function.