End of the Formula E in Montreal: Plant stays the course in the face of prosecution

Fin de la Formule E à Montréal: Plante garde le cap face aux poursuites

Photo: Ryan Remiorz Archives The canadian Press
The mayor of Montreal, Valerie Plant, is pursued personally by the promoters of Formula E for the sum of $ 24.8 million.

Sued personally by the promoters of Formula E to $ 24.8 million, the mayor Valerie Plant said on Monday that she would not be intimidated ” by these multi-millionaires of the entertainment “.

Last June, Formula E Operations (FEO) and the trustee in bankruptcy of Montreal-it’s electric (ERM), PricewaterhouseCoopers, had filed a lawsuit of $ 33 million for the mayor and the City of Montreal. They were accusing them of having acted ” impulsive, arbitrary, abusive and harmful “, and not to have taken account of the consequences of the breach of the contract.

The amount has been reduced to 24 million since, and the trustee is removed from the folder, but the lawsuit against the City and the mayor by FEO is maintained.

The costs of lawyers to defend the City and the mayor have now reached 600 000 $.

Questioned about this on Monday, Valérie Plante reiterated the need to cancel the holding of the race of Formula E in 2019. “When we know that there are 24 millions of dollars that have been swallowed up in this event, that it has been poorly managed and that, it seems, there has been interference, I think we done well to go ahead,” she explained. “The only people who seem to persist to say that [the race of Formula E] was a good idea, it is the official opposition. Remember that the Office of the inspector general has even shown how this event has been poorly managed. “

She also commented on the fact that the promoters of FEO follow it personally for the cancellation of this event. “The prosecution that these multi-millionaires in the entertainment commence against the mayor, in this case, I don’t hide the fact that I do not let myself not be intimidated by these people,” she said.


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