Éric Caire in the opposite direction of his party

Éric Caire à contresens de son parti

Photo: Valérian Mazataud The Duty
The mp caquiste Eric Cairo has recently taken a stance against the extension of a highway in his own constituency.

Known for its support without any faults at all motorway projects in Québec, including the ” third link “, the mp caquiste Eric Cairo has recently taken a stance against the extension of a highway in his own constituency.

Recently, The member for la Peltrie has purchased an advertisement in the local newspaper in L’ancienne-Lorette. ” The extension of autoroute Félix-Leclerc to the west : unrealistic “, headlined the ad, with a short text.

“This is an unrealistic project that does not solve any of the problems of road congestion “, argued the deputy.

The environmental organization Live in the city, which is usually in disagreement with Mr. Cairo in this kind of folder, was surprised to find this week to be in the same camp as him.

“You might at first find it surprising, because Eric Cairo, in the region, has much always been the great defender of extensions and enlargements road,” observed the director, Christian Savard.

“It surprised us. “

The main advocate of the third link to the CAQ, Mr Cairo has also done a lot of pressures these last few years for the government to widen the highway Henri IV and Laurentienne. Posing as a defender of motorists, it has also militated against several hov lane projects on freeways between the suburbs and the city centre.

However, the extension of autoroute Félix-Leclerc exception to the rule. The highway that crosses the city in an east-west axis stops currently at the height of the autoroute Henri-IV that leads to the bridges. The project would extend Félix-Leclerc on 12 kilometres to the west via The Old-Loreto and the airport to join the municipality of Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures.

Éric Caire à contresens de son parti


“If the project was good, I would “

In July, the liberal government has launched a call for bids to fund a study. He thought that the extension could reduce the burden on the heart of the network, including highway 40. It is argued moreover that the ministry of Transport is already the owner of the land where would the highway.

The golden highway runs through the territory of the city défusionnée of L’ancienne-Lorette, which does not want to hear of this project. Its mayor Émile Loranger, has already declared that it would “slay” his own city. In the municipality, the opposition to the project seems to be widespread. “We don’t want to know anything about it “, summed up a lady’s cross-Monday to an activity of bocce a local.

The member of parliament Cairo, would he have given in to the pressure of his electorate ? In interview, he defends with firmness. “If the project was good, I would. […] I think I’m strong enough in the county to be able to say to my fellow citizens that this is a good project if it is a beautiful project. If I had a tiny belief that we had the opportunity to do something good, [I would]. “

In the last elections, in 2014, Mr. Cairo has been elected with more than 50 % of the vote. He represents the electoral district for 11 years.

To justify its position, the member relies in particular on a study commissioned in 2003 by the government, which had rejected the idea. “If we rely on the 2003 study, the extension will have no impact on the decrease in traffic. “When we pointed out to her that this study date, he points out that” it has not changed much, “that the population of Saint-Augustin in the west, has not increased “significantly” and that other aspects of the study have been identified recently, such as the widening of the highway Henri-IV.

A diversion policy ?

In his eyes, it is a “decoy” policy, fomented by the liberals approach the campaign. “While we’re talking about it, we forget that the project is at the head of the bridges has never been delivered and that, on Henri-IV, it is still in the stage of ads… “

Moreover, adds Mr Cairo, the region already has several transportation projects in its cartons with the third link, the head of the bridges, the widening of the Henri-IV, of the Laurentian, etc, ” How will we justify to invest further 300, 400 million when we already have a list of projects well-stocked which will require major investments and that, them, will go in the direction of improve the circulation ? “

However, the draft of the third link isn’t it much more expensive ? In this regard, Mr. Cairo pointed out that the studies on a third link [editor’s NOTE : 1969, 1979, 1999-2001], they do not reject the project outright.

He added that the ministry of Transport has sold some of his land in L’ancienne-Lorette, along the route of the future highway. “Passing a highway there, it is nearly impossible. Since we had sold all the land for the approaches of the highway, it would have resulted in expropriations, or we become an urban boulevard. “However, in this case, it would not contribute to reduce congestion in St Augustine, argues t-it.

In Saint-Augustine, however, sees things differently. The mayor Sylvain Juneau is a strong supporter of the project. He has even already stated that the extension of the Félix-Leclerc could make it less relevant a third link because of the impact on the autoroute Henri-IV that leads to the bridges.

Saint Augustine does not, however, in the riding of Mr. Cairo, but in Louis-Hébert, who is represented by another elected of the CAQ, Geneviève Guilbeault.

As for the mayor of Québec, Régis Labeaume, he did not want to speak at the launch of the call for tenders on the study in July. The results of this study are expected in 2019.