“ExoMars: the conquest of the red planet”: to reach the unreachable planet

«ExoMars: À la conquête de la planète rouge»: atteindre l’inaccessible planète

Photo: Télé-Québec
Science Life TV talks about the first chapters of this adventure larger than life in “the ExoMars: the conquest of the red planet”.

A few weeks ago, the probe TGO (Trace Gas Orbiter) program ExoMars sent its first images of the red planet. Continuing coming from, the shots spectacular bring a balm to the ambitious mission of the european space Agency, which has had more than its share of setbacks since its first contours have been sketched out, at the turn of the last century.

Science Life TV talks about the first chapters of this adventure larger-than-life in the ExoMars: the conquest of the red planet, a documentary that Télé-Québec has had the flair set so that the probe TGO is active finally and that Mars is visible from Earth. A pity that it will stop in so good way, on the eve of the crash of its lander experimental Schiaparelli, at the end of 2016.

This disappointment noted, it would be wrong to go his way. There are in this documentary, a package of exciting information on this mission is cursed, even more on the planet in its center. Deemed difficult — 100 degrees between night and day —, March has long been a graveyard of probes. She remains, even from that of the robots, such as Opportunity have managed to tread its soil, extremely secret.

Science Life plunges with a briskness in his mysteries, mixing images of Epinal (on March, the setting sun turns bright blue before crashing in a sky orange), statistics and applied science. Digging one question that remains haunting : the life she existed on the red planet ? Answer, maybe, in 2020, when the robot, ExoMars will put its wheels on the martian soil after two years of delay. If all goes as planned, of course.

Point doc. ExoMars, to the conquest of the red planet.

Télé-Québec, Tuesday, 20 h