Experts have told how the 8 hours of sleep during the cold season

Эксперты рассказали, как за 8 часов высыпаться в холодный сезон

Scientists have described how during the cold season in 8 hours time to sleep in order to feel all day fresh and full of energy. If you do not follow the recommendations, the person will feel “broken” even with very long time spent in sleep.

First of all, researchers recommend going to bed no later than 10 PM. Not before bed to overload the stomach with heavy food – fried, dumplings and the like. Comfortable bed and orthopedic mattress and a low pillow ventilated to +17-19 degrees room – reliable assistants for a full night’s rest. Prepare for sleep in advance – all the gadgets you wish to disable, and bright light to dim. Very useful before the night’s rest to take an evening stroll.

In the cold season the organism lacks of sunlight and heat. To fill the need, whenever possible, to catch every ray of sunlight in clear weather to go out more often to air premises, to work at the window in daylight. It is important to always dress for the weather – if it’s cold, have enough clothes to warm the body.

Another reason for the apparent lack of sleep in the cold season – the lack of vitamins and as a result, decrease in immunity, but because in these seasons it is important to lean on citrus, sauerkraut, greens, vegetables. Another cause of sleepiness in the fall and winter can be stressful. The beginning of the school year from holidays, end of summer party – all this makes the person nervous, and thereby to devote more vital resources. The Council of scientists – be sure to normalize your mental state, what may help, among other things, the use of calming herbal teas.