Experts: the persimmon is a great danger to human

Эксперты: хурма представляет большую опасность для человека

Persimmon is one of the favorite fruits for many people, and traditionally it is sold in the autumn time of year. It is believed that this fruit is very useful for health, however, this opinion is somewhat mistaken. As reported the use of persimmon, contraindicated for people with diseases of the stomach, pregnant women, young children and those who have recently undergone any operations on the internal organs.

In addition, the persimmon can cause a very severe allergic reaction. Also, doctors do not advise to get involved with persimmon to those people who are suffering from diabetes. However, even if you don’t find yourself under one of these categories, nutritionists do not advise to get involved with persimmon. In a large number of this fruit causes severe spike in blood sugar. If you eat persimmons constantly, can develop diabetes.

In addition, nutritionists have warned about the high fat content of the form and its negative effect on metabolic processes in the body, causing a person very quickly gaining weight. Persimmon has a negative impact on the intestines and stomach, because it contains huge amounts of tannins and tannin.