Fed Kiev does not want to war

Сытый Киев не хочет на войну

The reasons for the failed performance of conscription in Kiev, the poor performance of the military and the reluctance of residents of the capital to get into the combat zone.

This “Politnavigator” said Ukrainian political analyst Ruslan Bortnik, commenting on the head of the Kyiv military Commissariat Sergey Klyavlino that the turnout of recruits as of November 5, amounted to only 8%, shying away from the call more than 23400.

“Call in different regions is different. In some areas it is generally performed, and in such cities as Kiev, is low. It depends on the quality of the work of the military. Many people are afraid that may fall in the combat zone. The prestige of military service is today low. All of this, especially the risk of being in a combat zone and the low prestige of service in the armed forces, and cause a low result of the recruiting campaign,” – said Bortnik.

“It even hurt when you’re standing there, doing my duty, and coming here seeing as there’s cool cars, disco, festivals, fireworks,” – said the soldier of the 12th battalion of the territorial defence Dmitry Priymachenko.