Flugtag-2018: lovers to fly and swim gathered in Sydney

PHOTO : TASS / nordphoto / Ewert/Imago


Day flight – as translated from German the word Flugtag. And still so called colorful competition of the homemade flying machines. Today, this festival hosted in Sydney, Australia, reports the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Pavel Polishchuk.

The festival of imagination, creativity and human desire to rise in the sky. In the largest city of Australia took another step world tour Flugtag. More than 500 applications for participation were made by the organizers of the competition, but the invitation to come to the Green continent received only 36 teams, the brightest and most creative.

The performance of the contestants were evaluated on several criteria: flight distance, the unique flying design, the skill of the kamikaze pilot. But the main thing – a creative approach to the show, where full participants become team members.

“There should not be trifles. Many believe that the most important thing is design. It is not so. We introduced the camera-bird, this means that there must be appropriate costumes, and even sound”, – said the representative of the winning team of the competition “old block”.

The history of these colorful competitions conducted since 1992. Debut Flugtag was held in the Austrian capital. Since then, there has been more than 150 festivals around the world. The show became so popular that collects up to 300 thousand spectators in every city where possible. In the past year, the company fans to fly and to amuse the audience came to Moscow.