For the first time in history, the InSight spacecraft recorded the sound of the wind on Mars (video)

Впервые в истории: космический аппарат InSight записал шум ветра на Марсе (видео)

The device InSight, which ten days ago was sent to Mars for the first time gave the Ground an audio recording where you hear the Martian wind. This informs NASA.

Specialist aerospace Agency Bruce Banerdt said that the Mars machine does not have the purpose to hear something like that, but audio can really speak of a “certain sound waves on Mars”.

They are so small that the human ear to perceive them cannot, however, pass the locator probe.

So that people could hear the Martian wind on their mobile devices and laptops, NASA increased the original sound two octaves. It suggest to listen on a sound system with a subwoofer or with headphones.

The Agency also informed that they intend to establish on Mars is a special equipment, which allows to study vibrations on the surface of the planet and thus learn more about its device.

BREAKING: Humans have never before heard the sound of wind on Mars until now! Listen to SoundsOfMars as recorded by @NASAInSight as Martian winds swept over our lander. Best with headphones or a subwoofer. – Jim Bridenstine (@JimBridenstine) December 7, 2018