Former design Director for Electronic Arts has opened a new Studio

Бывший дизайн-директор Electronic Arts открыл новую студию

In August, Electronic Arts said goodbye to its design Director, Patrick Soderlund (Patrick’s?derlund). Today The Verge reported that Soderlund founded the company Embark Studios.

According to Soderlund, Embark is aimed at the mass market and has big ambitions. Her game will be very different from the already released entertainment – Embark intends to use speech recognition, cloud computing, advanced artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies.

“Modern games are usually built around one system. You begete and shoot people or play football, says Soderlund. – What if you could be 10 conditional simulation levels in the game where you can become a farmer, or politics, or go into the army, or become a professional athlete? Here are some questions arise in my head. As soon as I and other people working with me, began to think about it, I realized that it was ambitious and almost naive. But I think in order to do something unusual, you need to go down this path”.

However, don’t expect the first projects to Embark the revolution. First, the team will take small game with a traditional gameplay-based and experimental elements. Soderlund doesn’t want 10 years to pore over a game of dreams, which can lead to failure.

While in the Embark work only a few developers Among them – Johan Andersson (Johan Andersson), the former head of EA SEED (this division is responsible for innovative technologies). In the coming weeks the company will expand to 15-20 people. All in all, Embark plans to hire more than 200 specialists.

Until the debut of creation Embark Studios no even approximate release dates. However, if you believe Soderlund, news from the Studio we hear faster than you might expect.

Investor and publisher Embark will perform the Korean-Japanese company Nexon.

Бывший дизайн-директор Electronic Arts открыл новую студию