“Found his man, but later”: Zadornov kept in this world lover.

«Нашел своего человека, но поздно»: Задорнова держала на этом свете любовница - соцсети

In the difficult moments of a terminally ill Mikhail Zadornov said that he “lack Moskvina in the body,” emphasizing the high importance of the beloved in his life.

One year has passed since the death of the well-known satirist Mikhail Zadornov. The actor died from brain cancer and has long hesitated, however, to be treated him or not. Until the last day it was supported by two wives Helen Bombina and Velta Zadornov, who were constantly near him, being always ready to help, but who knows what was in this period of life Zadornov and other women. In particular, not so long ago it became known about his relationship before his death, with the young actress Marina Orlova. The girl was called a “Muse” Mikhail Nikolayevich.

However, the most important in the life of a satirist is still playing it, and another “inspiration” singer Natalia Moskvina. 47-year-old actress gave the anniversary of the death of Mikhail Zadornov Frank interview, where he admitted that they were very close in the last months of his life. Fans immediately dubbed it “the mistress” comedian. Among other things, Moskvina said that he met with the satirist in the spring of 2015 and have since been virtually inseparable.

She was one of the first learned about his diagnosis and has played a big role in his decision to take up the treatment. Zadornov repeatedly refused treatment and even ran from the doctors, but “lover” then he brought him and agreed with experts. The satirist in this case tried to dissuade her from this relationship. “Look, Natuska, knowledge increases sorrow. Look at me. Do you need that?” – retells the words of Mikhail Natalia. When terminally ill Zadornov was really bad, he screamed for help. “I have an acute shortage Moskvina in the body”, he said that Natalia was nice to hear.

Fans did not expect such a revelation, but admitted that the singer played a huge role in how to extend the life of the doomed artist. Social networks believe that Zadornov would passion to ask another woman behind the wife, given his position. However, many felt that in the face of Moskvina he “found his man, but already too late.” According to women fans came to the conclusion that the mistress was keeping Mikhail Nikolayevich in this world for so long. Thanks to her, he probably resisted the deadly ailment until the last days to enjoy life.

It should be noted that the participation of wives Zadornov Elena Bombini in the life of a satirist, and his treatment was challenged in the press immediately after the death of the artist. The widow said that no good reason exists because she and her daughter until the last day supported Mikhail Nikolayevich. While fans of the satirist drew attention to the “cold” in the woman’s words about a dead husband, in particular, that “any offense it does not hold”. Even then, fans suspected that the family Zadornov shortly before his death could be a disorder.

«Нашел своего человека, но поздно»: Задорнова держала на этом свете любовница - соцсети

«Нашел своего человека, но поздно»: Задорнова держала на этом свете любовница - соцсети