Four-year-old krymchanin give me 558 times in one go

Четырехлетний крымчанин отжался 558 раз за один подход

Four-year-old resident of Evpatoria Matthew Potekhin sports result entered the Book of records of Russia. On it informs RIA Crimea – reports

Young Crimean one approach give me 558 times than the blocked set for his age the previous record of 100 pushups in one set. Matthew is coached by his father, former professional boxer Denis Potekhin. The boy trains every day, with two years involved in Boxing: uppercut, knockout, knockdown – familiar terms for Matthew. Before the first round – traditional workout that includes exercises on squats, running and, of course, pushups.

This achievement Matthew’s family Potekhina decided not to stay. Now he spends four hours a day in the gym – getting ready for a world record.