France: police used water cannon in Paris, throughout the country, – 700 detainees

Франция: полиция применила водомет в Париже, по всей стране, - 700 задержанных

The Paris police used water cannon against the protesters of the movement “yellow jackets” who threw the torches and torching in one of the shopping districts of the French capital.

At that time, as the situation on the Champs Elysees today is relatively calm, riots break out in other parts of the French capital – the protesters are trying to get to the Elysee Palace.

The latest outbreak of violence recorded in the most famous shopping malls of Paris “Galeries Lafayette”, Printemps and the Opera Garnier. The protesters uprooted trees and set fire to them. Others threw flares into the ranks of the commandos.

On one of the streets protesters set fire to a barricade.

According to recent reports, about 700 people were arrested across France on Saturday, including 581 in Paris. Of these, 423 were taken into custody, according to Le Figaro.

Police conducted numerous checks, confiscating the protesters goggles, helmets, and items that can be used for violence.

As of noon on the street in France, there was 31 thousand demonstrators last week at the same time, the number of protesters amounted to 36 thousand.

Despite some incidents, overall, the police said that the situation is much calmer than during protests last week.

Policing amid fears of outbreaks of violence across the country on Saturday to provide about 90 thousand militiamen, from them 8 thousand in Paris.