“Friendship with Russia”: What to do with the refugees from Ukraine?

The presidential elections in Ukraine are unlikely to return to the friendly relations between Kiev and Moscow. In Russia it is necessary to adopt a new immigration law designed to facilitate the situation of the Russian refugees from Ukraine. Be legalized in Russia now manages only a tiny number of survivors from war and repression. Still many militias threatens expulsion to Ukraine. This browser “Politnavigator” Valentin Filippov said the head of the “Union of political emigrants of Ukraine” Larisa Shesler.

Valentin Filippov: Larisa, Hello.

Hi Sunny chilly Moscow from Sevastopol and Crimea. Today we have started to turn on the heating. The temperature dropped to an unprecedented 12 degrees Celsius.

Larisa Shesler: Well, in Moscow warm flush and a half months, so we’re good.

Valentin Filippov: One of the main obstacles to the elections in the Donbass, from the point of view of Ukraine is that a huge number of immigrants from Donbass can not vote. Tell me, the authorities of the DNI are now preparing to provide the citizens of Donetsk living in the territory of Russia, the opportunity to vote for the head of the Republic?

Larisa Shesler: I think such opportunities, the authorities of the DNI, in General, no. It is, in fact, not the fault of the authorities of the DNI, it is their misfortune. No, in General, representative offices on the territory of the Russian Federation. Even the decorative foreign Ministry DNI, which in 2014 operated on the territory of the Russian Federation, and he is ordered to live long. And in the absence of any representations of the DPR and LPR on the territory of Russia, participation of the residents of Donbass from the territory of Russia is impossible.

Valentin Filippov: Tell me then, little of the reverse situation, saying that Ukraine will soon presidential elections.

Larisa Shesler: Say Yes.

Valentin Filipov: Can they be considered legitimate if Ukraine migrants – eight million? It is the voters. They are mainly located on the territory of the Russian Federation. And no way to Express their opinion about who is the President of Ukraine, they do not. So is it possible to consider the elections in Ukraine legitimate?

Larisa Shesler: Elections in Ukraine cannot be legitimate, not only because there is a huge number of voters. And because no free choice in the Ukraine and can not be. In conditions, when Ukraine has a nationalist dictatorship, the dictatorship of the battalions, the dictatorship of the “Azov”, the dictatorship of the bandits, who burst into the home of anyone who considers himself an oppositionist. What kind of free choice can there be? And what about the voters ‘ choice of President can we talk?

Valentin Filippov: Understand whether it is the leadership of the Russian Federation, which will have to make a decision? Whether it recognizes the elections in Ukraine, or does not recognize.

Larisa Shesler: it is Difficult to anticipate what will decide the leadership of the Russian Federation. It usually goes contrary to expectations. And completely unexpected move will do. We remember that in 2014 we all thought that it is impossible to accept President Poroshenko, however, the leadership of the Russian Federation recognized him. And legitimized thereby the current government of Ukraine.

What will happen in the next year? I think that there is no rotation rate will not. Regardless of who is elected President in Ukraine. Friendship with Russia will not, under any circumstances. Whoever comes to power.

Valentin Filipov: why am I still mean? Maybe after all the Russian Federation, in the person of its leadership finally realizes that Ukraine is a hostile state?

And decide based on this, the problem of displaced persons, refugees, migrants, Why not exclude from the legislation such terrible punishment, as “deportation to Ukraine”? For many, deportation to Ukraine is akin to death.

Larisa Shesler: In my opinion, Russia can’t decide what to do with Ukraine. And because of this, continue to act all brand contracts, all the conventions that were signed with Ukraine until 2014. Including the Convention on legal support in 1993, in accordance with which from the country will be extradited at the request of the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office or Interpol. And deported for administe.

Naturally, all this is in conflict with the Convention on refugees, which Russia has ratified. And in accordance with which it is impossible to deport and extradite to another country a person if he faces a danger of torture, imprisonment prison and so on.

But, unfortunately, the Russian courts very often do not take into account the political processes that occur on the territory of Ukraine. And much of it is because at the legislative level, at the level of decrees or decisions of the Cabinet generally, it does not declared that in Ukraine there is a terrorist power, which exposes the political repression of opponents.

As soon as it is uttered at the governmental and legislative level, this problem will be solved. And now everything depends on the fact that each case is individual. In each case, we appeal to the press, we appeal to various organs, noise, last minute the man pulls out.

But still, you can’t. Need it to be centralized. And that no such problem existed. Extradition-deportation to the territory of Ukraine.

We have repeatedly said that, if a person has done something or is accused of some offence in the territory of Ukraine, and let the Prosecutor’s office here makes the data, and the court passes on the territory of Russia. In accordance with Russian law. In accordance with the evidence that will present Ukraine. Unfortunately, this is not.

Valentin Filippov: Our judges of the Russian hard enough to convince. “I spoke against the coup” – and they say: “so what?”.

Or gentle now the search was, she put forward the accusation of treason. And as proof of accusations of infidelity, they present her letter to the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. An official letter, signed and sealed. And explain in a Russian court that I wrote a letter to Mr Lavrov, and I’m facing 15 years of imprisonment,- no reasonable person would not believe!

Say: “what a Nonsense. Do not put this. And articles such are not present “a letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs”. It is not punishable”.

Well, I heard about the volunteer – Odessa Shadrova who was going to be deported?

Larisa Shesler: Now the Union of political Emigrants writes the appeal to the authorities of the Ministry of internal Affairs, Konstantin Zatulin refers to the Minister of internal Affairs with a request to review generally the issue with Kadrovym.

Of course, we all understand that this Shadrov, probably not fluffy Bunny. He must be guilty of anything. But it is absolutely not a reason to send it to Ukraine, where he could face death and torture and the most cruel punishment. Of course, this man who participated in the militia, not to endanger and to send to Ukraine.

But I think, due to the fact that many media and public figures, and state Duma deputies intervened, I think that could be defended.

But again, this is not an isolated case. Now in Siberia the volunteer Venediktov, which make it impossible to be legalized in Russia. Found out that his ban on entry to Russia. And where it needs to go, if he is a rebel? And such cases, still many.

Now I have to send the documents about the member of “Oplot”, Antimaydan, who actively fought against independence, and now, too, above it hangs the threat of extradition at the request of Interpol. And such cases a large number.

And since there is no centralized solution, though the Supreme Court gave clarification that, if a person from Ukraine then you need to go through a certain procedure. Unfortunately, it is not. And in each case start a tremendous effort. And huge problems arise from any volunteer.

Valentin Filippov: But we hear on TV about easing immigration laws.

Larisa Shesler: Changes in legislation yet. While Mr Putin announced a new migration policy concept of the Russian Federation. The concept of it is good. It is very voluminous. It is correctly formulated problem. Suggests that in Russia very bad demographic situation. And to stabilize the population, and for the development of the country needs to attract compatriots.

Formulated that can not cope “resettlement program”. Formulated that extremely bureaucratic procedure and receiving a temporary residence permit. That there are unnecessary difficulties. And what should these obstacles be removed.

Now, in accordance with this concept? need to develop procedural and legislative things that will remove these obstacles.

Here we will see how will be implemented this concept. In any legislation, in any decrees.

I have hope that after all, will the rock to move. And will radically changed the attitude towards migrants.

But if we remember whence feet grow at this problem at the beginning of the two thousandth’s “guardians” caught, we don’t need anyone. And put huge fences. And now, through these fences manage to climb a very small part of the people who stormed the wall. All this leads to the fact that last year only about 80 thousand citizens of Ukraine received Russian citizenship. It’s all together. It is the resettlement program, according to Russian native speakers, the program of family reunification.

Valentin Filippov: It is, in General, the figure is not serious.

Larisa Shesler: the Figure is ridiculous, because we know that after the Euromaidan millions came. After the war in the Donbass, millions of people were in Russia. And many of them want to obtain citizenship. Is the citizenship gives right to live and work in a country whose history, language and culture do you think his.

Valentin Filippov: This concept is designed, I realized, to improve the demographics, although some official tell us that we don’t need you to give birth. And someone says – no you didn’t ask to come.

What happens if we go to Kiev, you can imagine what the influx of people with a trunk and a passport in his teeth, starts to cross the border? And well, if with a trunk. Maybe only a passport wrapped in a bag. And that’s all.

Larisa Shesler: Well, this concept is specified as a separate item on meeting humanitarian commitments, which Russia has in relation to displaced refugees, displaced persons, migrants who migrate due to extraordinary circumstances. This item, incidentally, is. I think that is taken into account and the possibility that Russia could become a place of refuge million people – in the case of a disaster on the territory of Ukraine.

Valentin Filippov: In General, again, wait.

Larisa Shesler: Well, let’s hope that the water wears away stone. And these problems that we constantly declare that we have continually raised, have begun to sound loud enough in the Russian society.

We remember that three or four years ago, nobody knew. – What are you talking about!? Russian citizenship – it is so simple! These Ukrainian migrants, who are too lazy to walk and stand in line!

Valentin Filipov: I Hope that slowly but surely, the right decisions will be made.

Larisa Shesler: I hope that in 2019 there will be serious progress. And the people that roam today…. Will be Amnesty for the inhabitants of DND and LNR, because they continue to send still, and close them entry.

Will legalized immigrants from Central Ukraine. And from Western Ukraine who do not provide temporary shelter, and who are unable to RVP because of quotas.

And all this layering problems, failure to register, failure to confirm the income, they will be resolved. And finally, people will have the right to live in peace without fear of the police, not afraid of precinct, and not be afraid of immigration officials.

Valentin Filipov: Good. Thank you so much.

Larisa Shesler: goodbye. Yet.