Frost Presses the fact that we need to be on top of the standings

Мороз: Давит тот факт, что нужно все время быть на вершине турнирной таблицы

The coach of the youth team “Dinamo” Yuriy Moroz about the victory over the “Mariupol”.

– In the opening match, “Dynamo” made a mistake, in particular – Denis Popov. What happened?

It is not only his fault, but a group of players that allowed us to break through on goal. Guy well hit into the top corner. Need a little more confidence to act in defense.

– Next came goals from Dynamo. It is to say that here on the foreground there was the individual skill of the players?

– Individually – is the endpoint. And Tsitaishvili, and Buleca, and Ruthenian – Yes, they dealt with the defense and hit. But to possess the ball after a missed goal proves that he wanted to play and win. “Mariupol” – good opponent and our guys have done, that has withstood this psychological onslaught. The players presses the fact that we need to be on top of the standings, to get a result in every match. It is difficult for them, but they will fight, everyone does, they are great. And most importantly – they want it!