Gameplay trailer in honor of the release of HITMAN 2 and the first reviews from critics

Геймплейный трейлер в честь релиза HITMAN 2 и первые отзывы критиков

Have HITMAN 2 already had a release trailer, where Sean Bean (Sean Bean) talks about the craft of an assassin. But developers still have released another, this time focused on the gameplay.

According to the authors, in HITMAN 2 you are waiting for over 400 trials, over 100 hours of gameplay, six locations-“sandbox” and new game modes. In addition, the trailer once again reminds about the network entertainment “Ghost”. Full list of levels, see here, and other obeschalki from IO Interactive – here.

The press is told about his impressions of HITMAN 2. The average score on Metacritic of 81 out of 100, on OpenCritic – 84 out of 100. Judging by the statements of critics, HITMAN 2 is made in the style of “the same but bigger”: differences from HITMAN 2016 is not very much, so the second part where the fair would be called “second season” (in fairness, as originally planned). There are complaints about the story: it is not enough and served it with rollers with static images.

However, HITMAN 2 is still a unique puzzle with a huge number of possibilities and room for heaps of preprohormone, some journalists write. Believe, if you liked the first season, and second you will be satisfied. Especially now that to get involved in the game easier: HITMAN 2 is coming out right with all the major episodes.

Release HITMAN 2 will be held on November 13, but if you buy the “gold edition”, you will be able to run the game on four days earlier – that is, today. Furthermore, early buyers will be able to personally kill Sean bean.